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Impeccable Web Application Development

A website plays a prominent role in developing an online business. A mesmerizing design leaves your visitors awe-inspired, but a sound functionality is a key to your online success. Our honed web developers, with their technicality and experience, develop and build a seamless website for you that outperforms effortlessly across all browsers and mobile devices!

High-End Website Development Technologies

Your brand is what sets apart your business from competitors. Therefore, it needs to have an eminent presence and should never settle for less. Our Sydney web developers research and plan a robust site development protocol encompassing high-tech methodologies to build your website. The Sydney Website Development Services at Eight Shades Media furnish Model View Controller (MVC) and Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) Frameworks consisting of CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, Yii2, Node JS, Angular JS, Reach JS, Meteor JS, Polymer JS, and Hadoop to structure your website.

Database Development and Data Concealment

The website development services Sydney employ premium database technologies for storing information into the website database. The database technology that is used and optimized by our web experts includes MySQL 8.0x, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, and Big Data. Furthermore, preserving sensitive information over a website is the prime concern in the digital marketplace. Our web developers ensure to encrypt and decrypt your web database, making all confidential data impregnable during infringement by potential hackers.

  • Senior Computer Networks, Systems Engineer and Project Manager
    Atif Mahmood Ghaznavi
    Senior Computer Networks, Systems Engineer and Project Manager
  • Director Marketing, Canada
    Catherine Maxwell
    Director Marketing, Canada
  • Senior Computer Networks, Systems Engineer and Project Manager
    Kashif Mahmood Ghaznavi
    Senior Computer Networks, Systems Engineer and Project Manager
  • Managing Partner
    Niraj Patel
    Managing Partner
  • Accounts and Administration/Marketing
    Osama Khan
    Accounts and Administration/Marketing
  • Director and Integration/Solution Architect
    Talha Ahmed Khan
    Director and Integration/Solution Architect

A newly developed website is comparable to a newborn that requires constant attention. At Eight Shades Media Sydney, post-development web support, site maintenance and debugging are the parts and parcel of our Website Development Services. Our web application development geeks believe in developing healthy, long-standing relationships with our partners.

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